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Turbo Kits
"I have to say after 40 years building and racing cars Turbo-Kits.com has shown a commitment, kindness and overall attentiveness yet to see equal in the aftermarket industry. Doing business with them was by far my best performance buying experience to date." - Dr. Al C., Rhode Island

Turbo-Trucks.com - FAQs / Frequently Asked Questions
Q: Is there a kit available for my truck?
A: All the kits available are listed on the menu to the left. If the kit is not listed you can e-mail us and we can let you know.

Q: What is included in the kit?
A: On most kits everything you see listed is included. The kits do come complete with everything you need to turbo charge your truck and all necessary components are included. Unless otherwise noted.

Q: How much horsepower will I gain with this kit?
A: HP Gains vary from kit to kit. Please check the information on the specific kit webpage for more details.

Q: How much boost can this kit handle?
A: Most kits are designed to run between 5-6 PSI of boost on a stock engine; however, most kits are capable of supporting more.

Q: How long does it take to install?
A: Depending on your experience. Most kits take around 8-12 hours for installation. If you are having a shop install it for you the average rate is between $400-$800.

Q: How do I get in contact with Turbo Trucks.com?
A: We can be reached at (860) 676-2929 or at sales@turbokits.com.

Q: How long does the kit take to get?
A: Most kits ship out 24 - 48 hours after payment has been received and verified. In the case of any back orders or delays we will contact you and inform you of the situation prior to shipping. If you want to check when a specific kit will be ready please e-mail sales@turbokits.com.

Q: Is there a warranty with the kit?
A: Yes! All kits purchased directly from us come with a parts warranty. See "Warranty" section next to the specific kit page.

Q: Can I purchase individual items from the Turbo Trucks.com?
A: Yes! We sell individual sections such as exhaust manifold, turbo, intercooler kits, fuel computers. Injectors, MAP bypass, etc....

Q: What payment methods do you accept?
A: We accept all forms of payment personal checks, money orders, cashiers checks, paypal (shipping only to verified Paypal address). As well as all major credit cards are accepted.

Q: Are the kits in stock?
A: Since all kits are manufactured and shipped direct, current stock is based on manufacturers' availability and may vary. If you want to check when a specific kit will be ready please e-mail sales@turbokits.com.

Q: Can you get other parts for me?
A: Yes! E-mail us which parts you are looking for. We usually can pass on better prices to complement your turbo kit purchase. Please feel free to e-mail us for parts only too.

Q: Are the kits brand new?
A: Yes, all kits are brand new.

Q: What shipping method is used?
A: All kits are shipped directly from the manufacturer FEDEX or UPS (DHL and International shipping companies are used by some manufacturers). Most items shipped from Turbo-Trucks.com will require a signature by the receiver.

Q: Will this kit work on my truck? I have the same engine but a different year / bodystyle.
A: Yes, if you see your engine code listed, but Turbo Trucks.com cannot guarantee that it will bolt right on, you may need to do some custom work to get it to fit.

Q: Turbo trucks are very fast, but only for 15 second spurts (1/4 mile) and then have to cool until the next run?
A: A fallacy. If the system is properly designed there shouldn't be any problems that only allow you to run 15 second spurts. The phenomenon described here is an inadequate cooling system that cannot dissipate the heat produced by sustained high peak cylinder pressures. Maybe the cooling system has too many miles on it. But the other likely scenario is that a lean condition that produces Higher Than Allowable EGT, coupled with high BMEP (Brake Mean Effective Pressure) in the cylinder overwhelm the system. If the Air/Fuel ratio is correct for the application, turbo stochiometric, then perhaps there wouldn't be excessively high EGT's. w/ the air/fuel ratio correct and a stable EGT, there should be no problems with a properly working cooling system.

Q: There is no such thing as a daily driven turbo?
A: Try telling that to those that own turbo kits and run 5+ psi daily, on the stock bottom end for years, trouble free. If detonation is eliminated there is nothing to say that your engine will not survive higher than intended cylinder pressures. Whether it is turbocharged, normally aspirated or supercharged, a given torque number, for a given engine, usually translates into the same cylinder pressure, the horsepower may vary. Cylinder pressure is cylinder pressure, detonate the same engine, when turbocharged, supercharged or normally aspirated, and the result will be the same. Don't let someone in sales tell you otherwise, ask an engineer or a professor.

Q: When driving a turbo trucks, you cannot downshift b/c it will hurt the engine?
A: False. 3000 RPM is 3000 RPM, in any gear engine speed is engine speed, but what does change is the load, the load is entirely different based on the gearing and the velocity of the truck, aerodynamic load increases in factor as velocity increases. The load is actually harder on the engine at 2000 RPM 5th gear 30 MPH than at 6000 RPM 2nd gear 30 MPH. Try these combinations some time, and listen to how hard an engine is working. Given that you don't over rev the engine, have the proper air/fuel ratio and the abscence of detonation, there's no reason why the engine will grenade, unless the load and cylinder pressure exceed the mechanical limits of the engines components.

Q: What is Turbo Kits, LLC Return / Cancellation Policy?
A: All returns / cancellations are up to the Sole Discretion of Turbo Kits, LLC. Return must be made within 30 days of receipt. There will be a 30% cancellation / restocking fee assessed to all returns. Installed kits are not eligible for return. Custom orders are sold "as is" and are not eligible for return.

*** Disclaimer: Notice to Customer. Some of the products we sell are for racing and off-road vehicle only. Please check with your local DMV or vehicle department for regulations and information. Turbo Kits, LLC is not responsible for any legal issues regarding any of the products purchased from this site. For your own concern, please make sure of your orders and the legality of the product before making any purchases.

We reserve the right, without liability or prior notice, to revise, discontinue, or cease to make available any or all products or to refuse or cancel any order.

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